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Locally Owned and Operated – Your students are our priority

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Your students are always the top priority of Transportation Coordinators, Misty Perdikouris and Audrey Trinkle.  Misty (on the left) started her career at Holcomb in 1997 as a driver and has been a part of the office team for approximately eighteen years.  Audrey, who also came to us a driver, started in 2008. Along with the rest of our great support staff, they work hard to make sure your children get to their destinations safely and on time.

Holcomb Bus Service has been providing reliable and cost effective transportation to the region for over 30 years.   With an ever-growing fleet of over 200 buses, Holcomb is equipped to handle your routes efficiently on any given day, week, or year.   Our approach to each region is completely customary and designed to meet the unique needs of each district we serve.

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