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Holcomb Bus has provided safe, reliable, and economic transportation services to our customers since 1981. Our business has grown over the years to meet the special requests and needs of our customers and we continue to evolve to this day.  Office Manager, Pam Cogill has been a member of our family since 1993.  Pam started as a bus aide and is now our authority on event planning transportation, as well as overseeing school bus routes.   Pam has been an intricate part of Holcomb’s success over the years.

In order to meet the ever-changing environment of the school bus transportation marketplace, we utilize new technologies, employ the highest level of safety standards and cost efficient solutions to provide the best possible resources to meet our customers’ needs. The dedication of our staff, from our mechanics to our drivers, in conjunction with the size of our fleet, make it possible for us to refine our daily processes and procedures to better serve our community. Challenging situations are met each day with teamwork, commitment, and purpose and are acknowledged through authentic employee recognition.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Thomas Heeter, a concerned parent of two and a member of Palmyra NJ PTA. At our last meeting I found out that the Board of Education will no longer assist us with field trip busing for my sons school. The PTA always helped pay for the busing but not budgeted this year for the unexpected expense. I am taking it upon myself to research localized busing options for the children of Charles Street Elementary, so they will not miss out on fun educational field trips. Can you send me any information that my help me with either possible pricing; or tax donation of services your company may do that could help us. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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