Looking for a Bus Rental for an Event?

We are happy to provide transportation for your group outings. Our buses are affordable, fun and available to charter 24 hrs-a-day / Seven days-a-week; with our courteous, experienced drivers that can take you just about anywhere.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a Bus Rental for an Event?”

  1. Hello, I am looking for a bus company to help me organize a trip for 11 groups of students of about 15 each, from 11 cities in NJ. All will be getting dropped off in Marlton for an overnight event, to be picked up the next day. We are talking about a Sat-Sun in late Sept.

    Let me know what we are talking about price-wise, and if you can help design the routes.

  2. Looking for a bus to drive our youth group to Lancaster, PA on Friday January 5th and pick us up on Sunday January 7th.

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